Ultrathin Device Sticks, Measures & Displays Medical Information

Wearable Medical Deive To Monitor Blood Oxygen and PulseIf you are an athlete or have health concerns, being able to know medical information instantaneously can be extremely beneficial. Professor Takao Someya along with Dr. Tomoyuki Yokota from the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Engineering have created an ultrathin flexible device which allows individuals to monitor their blood oxygen levels or pulse rate directly on their skin in real time. The device is also less than two micrometers thick allowing it to bend and crumple with the movement of skin and still function seamlessly.

The group developed this ultrathin protective skin from a mixture of altered inorganic and organic material layered together, (silicon oxynitrite and parylene). The film can be placed anywhere on a person’s body and prevents oxygen and moisture from getting between the device and skin, extending the devices lifespan past its competitors.

This new technology makes it easy to view your data through the use of ultrathin light-emitting diodes (PLEDs), which displays the large numbers right on your skin. Created specifically for this invention, these PLEDs are over six times more efficient than previously designed ultrathin PLEDs, ensuring instant real-time data available on the user’s hand.

This invention could have the potential to develop into something as useful as the cellphone over time, changing the way we communicate by displaying people’s emotions or stress levels. While electronics are continuously getting smaller and smaller, the option to have a device adhere to your body would eliminate the need to have yet another object to carry around in your pocket.

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Source: EurekAlert