Sensors Creates Smarter & Safer Car Seats

bebopsensorsforcarseats-2Most new vehicles contain technology built-in to every car element to ensure the safest and best experience for each person inside. However, car seats have remained pretty standard, with very few modifications to keep the driver and passengers safe in the event of a collision. Although airbags have aided in reducing major head and/or neck injuries to individuals, they can still cause harm to passengers who are not average size or sitting correctly in their seat at the moment of impact. Bebop Sensors has created a smart seating system for cars in order to help prevent these injuries, which can detect the pressure and movement of the individual in the seat to know their exact specifications.

Currently the occupant classification system (OSC) in a vehicle estimates the weight of a passenger in order to deploy the airbag. Unfortunately the technology isn’t “smart” enough to determine the position an individual is sitting in or even to confirm whether the weight is from a person or a bag of groceries. With Bebop’s new device, sensors are able to measure the exact size and seating position of a person in order to safely deploy the airbag at the right height and velocity. The smart system can even sense when a booster chair is on the seat as opposed to a person and react accordingly.

Bebop’s device consists of a waterproof, 1mm thick, automotive grade fabric that holds multiple thin sensors inside. These sensors are able to measure real-time movements to detect a person’s leg positioning and if they are leaning a certain direction. Because the sensors measure the surface area across the whole seat, the device is able to tell the difference between people and inanimate objects.

With a flexible system is so thin that it is able to fit under a seat cover, adding very little weight to the seats construction, it can be easily customized to fit any car seat. Furthermore, the system contains no moving parts, so it has very high reliability and durability, allowing it to last much longer than current OSC devices.

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Source: iTers News