BMW’s Virtual Menu Controlled By Hand Gestures

1BMW recently announced their new HoloActive Touch concept, where drivers can easily navigate through car features on a gesture controlled virtual touchscreen. The system allows users to easily control the vehicle’s settings while on the go, with limited distractions from the road.

The HaloActive Touch combines current BMW technology that includes gesture control, touchscreen, and heads-up display, with a holographic interface to create a free-floating image. The result is a three-dimensional menu display which hovers over the center console, rather than the traditional built-in-dashboard style.

A camera is able to sense when the user presses a virtual button, at which point an energy pulse will be released as feedback to let the driver know the command was registered. This will be the first time commands are registered to the user without any physical contact with materials.

The automotive industry is continually evolving to keep up with new technology, in order to provide users with additional benefits and improvements. Through a continual evolution of knowledge, methods, and practices, Eclipse stays flexible in its ability to find and create customized, integrated innovative solutions that add client value and enhance business operations.

Source: The Verge