New Standard for American Transit

Production of a modernized Brightline train is currently underway in California, which will connect Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Orlando, by this time next year. The train will include more comfort and technology than current trains available in the country, giving passengers a quick, enjoyable ride to their destination.

To create these trains, Brightline teamed up with Siemens, due to their extensive electronics and transportation experience. The United States have never been known for their train transit, making few improvements to their coaches and tracks over the past decades. Although the Brightline won’t be travelling at speeds as fast as trains found in Europe and Asia, it will be a large improvement over the current speed and experience found in the US.

Brightline’s power is generated from a 42,000 pound fully electric, sixteen cylinder engine, and contains a Cummins diesel-electric locomotive drivetrain. With these components the train is able to reach a top speed of 125 mph; a significant increase from the current 80 mph. This environmentally friendly setup allows the train to meet the Federal Railroad Administration’s tough Tier IV clean air standards.

The interior of Brightline includes extra-large picture windows for maximum view of passing scenery, free Wi-Fi, many power outlets, and comfortable reclining chairs. For further luxury, the train will have wide aisles and overhead luggage storage to allow passengers to not feel enclosed on their journey.

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Source: Wired