Bridging the worlds of machines, process and technology

Our Capabilities

Our custom automated solutions combine cross-industry know-how, powerful in-house capabilities, a new generation of high-speed precise technology and intuitive control systems.

Value, profit, success

The right automation solution aligned with your business strategy can support operational capacity, improve product volume, reduce rework, increase reliability, shorten lead times, enhance conformance, maintain consistency, lower unit costs, solve the shortage of skilled operators, reduce human intervention, free-up your resources, and empower your people.

Eclipse Automation Cell

Connected applications

Solutions that connect applications, such as data collection, sensors and machine controls, alongside process and technology, can have considerable impact on quality and productivity. Simply put, the right feedback will give everyone involved the opportunity to make better decisions, predict problematic issues, improve process, respond faster, minimize risk, and deal with variables.

Eclipse Automation Robot Palletizing

Quality and safety

We design with compliance in mind, testing for reliability and operational consistency throughout the development process and into production. The products of our supply chain are also held to the highest of standards. Our solutions meet international safety standards and we have experience with hazardous substances in sensitive environments.