Composite Wing Morphing

flexAviation Partners Inc., in partnership with FlexSys, recently developed an innovative jet wing capable of morphing its shape during flight. These Flexfoil wings use composite materials that provide high strength, heat resistance, and low weight, making it the perfect option for aircrafts.

Traditionally, aircrafts use a combination of mechanical flaps, spoilers and ailerons to alter wing shape during flight. This method has been used for decades and involves complex mechanics that provide minimal control and high maintenance. Flexfoil on the other hand, is a jointless mechanism which equally distributes the load-bearing across the whole wing, resulting in lower mechanical stress and a longer lifespan with minimal maintenance. The lowered stress provided by Flexfoil improves lift and fuel consumption, along with improved load alleviation, pitch, yaw, and roll control, over the previous wing mechanisms.

When developing new systems, especially in high risk industries such as aerospace, the design phase is of upmost importance to ensure each component is the highest in quality and sustainability. Whether it’s enhanced technology, compliance or safety, Eclipse Automation’s expertise in mechanical, electrical and controls design provides you with a more complete turn-key solution for all your automation needs.

Source: Popular Mechanics