Electric Truck In Developing Countries

eridanos-2014In developing countries, women and children spend a combined 200 million hours transporting water each day for drinking, cooking, and cleaning purposes. Even with this effort, an estimated 4,000 children die each day due to a lack of water or contaminated water sources. To provide aid to these communities, Terraintegra created the Eridanos project, with the overall goal of developing an electric vehicle to transport water, crops, and sick people, in these struggling areas.

The finished vehicle, called the Eridanos Transporter (ET), is a fully electric truck capable of carrying loads up to 600 kilograms with the ability to travel over 100 kilometers on a single charge. The truck’s interior is spacious enough to seat up to 15 passengers.

In order for the Eridanos Transporter to be accessible to developing countries, the team made the vehicle as low cost as possible while still ensuring maximum strength to withstand the rough conditions. With safety in mind, the ET is equipped with a sturdy frame, strong side sills, a crumple zone, and a rollover bar. Powered by a single battery, the ET can be recharged by solar, wind, hydro, or bio-gas generated electricity. For easy refueling, energy stations will be installed in villages across Africa and Asia where the vehicle operates.

Eclipse Automation understands the need for sustainable products, much like the Eridanos Transporter, that maximize safety and improve communities.

Source: Terraintegra