Automation and Sheet Molded Compound Partnership

Eclipse Automation announced a new strategic partnership with Schmidt & Heinzmann GmbH & Co. KG, an industry leader for Sheet Molded Compound (SMC) production technologies, and equipment supplier in the fiber reinforced plastics market.

Headquartered in Germany, Schmidt & Heinzmann is a global technology leader in equipment for production and processing of composite materials such as glass-filled plastics and carbon-fiber composites for diverse Industries.

The companies will collaborate to deliver unique workflow functionality focused on productivity, and to jointly deliver integrated automation solutions. Eclipse will support Schmidt & Heinzmann within the North American market through its sales and service network and will offer clients its assembly automation expertise, systems integration resources, and after-sales service support.

Schmidt & Heinzmann’s expertise in composite technologies, in combination with Eclipse’s market knowledge and automation expertise will expand both companies’ current offerings while generating more business opportunities in the North American market.

Eclipse Automation CEO Steve Mai, describes the benefits to customers:  “Together, Eclipse and Schmidt & Heinzmann can now offer North American customers complete turnkey lines to mold, finish, and assemble products in composite materials.  We are pleased to be able to help bring Schmidt & Heinzman’s deep expertise and cutting-edge technology to North American manufacturers.”

Eclipse has its headquarters in Ontario, Canada with U.S. facilities in Fremont California, Charlotte North Carolina and Mesa Arizona, where Schmidt & Heinzmann has recently established its North American base.

Schmidt & Heinzmann North America Inc President Christian Fais, states: “Schmidt & Heinzmann is very proud and pleased to have a strong partnership with Eclipse in North America to support our local customers. A strategic partnership in North America with this highly innovative partner will create for both companies a successful story in the cutting-edge automation technology for composite material handling.”

The formal collaboration will enhance both companies’ offerings by combining Schmidt & Heinzmann’s Best-in-Class composites technology with highly productive automation solutions from Eclipse.  The team will use an integrated approach to deliver automated manufacturing solutions, to both global and regional customers’ plants in the North American market.

About Schmidt & Heinzmann GmbH & Co. KG

Schmidt & Heinzmann, founded in 1949, owns an international reputation as a reliable and high-quality machine and equipment supplier. In its nearly seven decades on the market, the company has proven its know-how setting a benchmark for quality in the field of plastic processing machinery and equipment.

Schmidt & Heinzmann is proud of its position as market leader for Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) production technologies and its additional product range in the field of fiber reinforced plastics machinery. The company`s comprehensive product portfolio also includes cutting systems for all types of fibers, full automatic bonding system, pre-foming technology, material handling automation as well as Polyester plate production lines.