Eclipse Automation Co-op Program: Guiding the Innovators of Tomorrow

Journeys of Growth from Eclipse Co-ops

At Eclipse Automation, part of Accenture, a co-op position is not just another student job – it’s so much more. It’s the foundation for an exciting, rewarding career in dynamic, cutting-edge fields full of possibility.

Whether they’re passionate about Electrical Design, Machining, Human Resources, Fabrication, I.T. or other aspects of the business, our co-op program is designed to help students put academic experience into practice and jumpstart their professional careers.

Mentored by the Pros: Why Our Co-ops are Set Up for Success

A co-op role at Eclipse is a stepping stone to future success.

Students join a dynamic team of experts and engage in meaningful work on real projects across a variety of industries, from life-saving medical devices, to cutting-edge components for electrical vehicles, to clean energy solutions for powering our future, and more.

When it comes to mentorship, our co-op students learn from the pros. Each student is partnered with an experienced employee mentor who encourages and fosters their growth, while guiding them through real-life scenarios and problem-solving together as a team.

At Eclipse, our co-ops don’t run errands or do grunt work. They collaborate with experienced professionals on meaningful projects that actually make a difference. Here, they gain exposure to various trades, allowing them to explore which one is best for their future, and preparing them for a career in some of the most high-demand fields of work across the globe. 

Our students aren’t limited to the trades, however – our engineering and business operations streams give co-ops the edge they need to rise above the competition and put their academic knowledge into practice within a variety of departments and functions.

Who We Are

We design, build and integrate custom engineered automation solutions for some of the biggest companies across the globe.

From Life Sciences to Transportation, Consumer Products, Electronics, to Nuclear Energy, we work with global leaders across various industries to create cutting-edge technology that changes the world.

With over 900 employees working across six countries and three continents, we’re a global organization that’s growing exponentially. In 2022, Eclipse Automation was acquired by Accenture Industry X – and together, we will design and build the future in unprecedented ways.

What sets us apart from our competitors? It’s our Know-How, and it’s at the core of who we are. It’s our collective expertise, knowledge, and experience, that proven capability and drive to meet and exceed our clients’ complex automation needs in record time and with utmost precision. We don’t just take on a project for our customers – we find new, leading-edge ways to deliver a better, more efficient and more productive solution each and every time.

That’s why we’re always on the lookout for the innovators of tomorrow, so we can help guide the next wave of brilliant minds – our co-ops. We’re honoured to play a part in fostering the growth of future visionaries and leaders, and it all starts right here.

Journeys of Growth from the Visionaries of Tomorrow

Our co-op program is designed to foster the growth and career development of each student, enabling them to apply the theories they learned in the classroom to real-world projects, while learning from industry experts each step of the way. Students gain valuable skills within their specialty that help pave the road for their future success.

When their co-op term is up, their journey doesn’t need to come to an end. Our co-ops can get the opportunity to further a career with Eclipse through an apprenticeship or full-time job after graduation. But don’t just take our word for it – here’s what some Eclipse employees and co-ops have to say about our program:

“At Eclipse, I have the opportunity to work on complex engineering and automation systems, and learn from industry experts and mentors. I have also adopted important qualities that will be a great advantage after graduation. My time here has been indispensable.”

  • Amith Domy, Mechanical Design Co-op

“In my co-op role, I’m doing real, valuable work and I’m making a positive impact on the team. I am doing what a full-time buyer would do – I’m not pushed to the side. I really feel like a contributing member of the department, helping solve problems every day.”

  • Bryan Jones – Supply Chain Co-op

“After finishing my placement at Eclipse Automation, I joined the team on a part-time basis, and then came back as a full-time employee. A common thread between everyone I’ve met at Eclipse is that they’re all so willing to help. They are passionate about teaching and mentoring co-ops, and that’s an amazing thing.”

  • Smitha Jose – Supply Chain Analyst (Started out as a Supply Chain Co-op)

“My co-op at Eclipse taught me valuable skills, like troubleshooting and communication – it gave me hands-on experience that I never would have got in school. It allowed me to get my foot in the door within the organization, which brought me to my current role as a Controls Software Designer.”

  • Chantel Andrusyk – Controls Software Designer (Started out as Controls Software Co-op)

How Does it Work?

Our co-op program runs in Cambridge and Stratford, Ontario,

three times a year – in winter, spring, and fall – for a cross

section of positions.

We offer roles in various departments within our Skilled Trades, Engineering, and Business Operations streams to help our co-ops thrive, no matter their passion:

Skilled Trades
Skilled Trades

Electrical Shop


Tool Room



Mechanical Design

Electrical/Controls Design

Engineering Supervision


Business Operations
Business Operations

Supply Chain


Information Technology

Health & Safety

Human Resources

Project Management

Quality Control

Applying is easy. Students can visit our Careers Page to learn more, click HERE to see all of our open positions, then scroll down to find all available co-op roles.

A Rewarding Career Awaits

Here at Eclipse Automation, we’re continuously looking for the Know-How experts of tomorrow – the movers and shakers, the do-ers, the dreamers, the visionaries.

Our people are our greatest assets and our biggest competitive advantage. That’s why we foster a culture of innovation and support continuous career development – starting with our students.

We’re guiding our co-ops for the future, because we know they are the future. They’re the leaders and innovators of tomorrow – and it all begins with an exciting, rewarding career.  

A future full of adventure awaits.

It starts here, with a co-op opportunity at Eclipse.

To learn more and see all of our available student roles, visit our Careers Page.