Electric Vehicles Built in Hours


Not too long ago self-driven cars were things of science-fiction but events like Roborace make streets filled with driverless cars seem like the not so distant future. Roborace is unlike other car race because there are no drivers behind the wheel, only robots. The event aims at driving innovation in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and electric vehicles.

Organizers behind the event recently announced the launch of a new robotic racing truck at the WIRED 2016 Conference in London. Equipped with dual fuel sources, the truck runs exclusively on electricity creating zero emissions for up to 100 miles. On longer journeys the tuck relies on its reserve fuel for up to 500 miles.

Production of the truck will begin in 2017 in Oxfordshire, UK and will take only four hours by just one person. In a commercial setting, a team of 10 men can manufacture up to 10,000 trucks a year.

Perhaps the most innovative feature of the truck is its price point. Priced in line with conventional trucks, the new technology is attainable for fleets and small businesses.

The Eclipse CNC team is always looking for the latest technology to recommend to our clients.

Source: Wired