Electric Vehicles Could Be Charged Wirelessly

Electric car owners know that finding a charging outlet and remembering to plug in your vehicle everyday can prove to be a challenge. Qualcomm, a world leader in 3G and next-generation mobile technologies, has developed a system for wirelessly charging electric vehicles, eliminating the task of remembering to plug in your car.

Consisting of only a bottom mounted antenna and a thin floor charging pad, Qualcomm’s system is able to link your car battery and charger without them ever touching. This allows electric car owners to replenish their electrons by simply driving into their home parking spot, ensuring they will never wake up to a drained battery.

Qualcomm’s prototype has been tested on Formula E safety cars, where a BMW i8 had the system installed to enable it to charge during rests. Throughout the entire length of the race, the wireless charger kept the i8’s battery full by having the driver merely stop over the charging pad when he wasn’t on the track.

This detailed video illustrates the inductive charging process Qualcomm’s system uses, including how it is able to operate so efficiently. Through the use of coils, magnetic fields, and a great deal of precision, the company has optimized its charger to work as effectively as possible.

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Source: Motor Authority