Get the best of both worlds with Eclipse Automation

Global expertise meets Local support

When you bring your custom automation project to Eclipse Automation, part of Accenture, you get the know-how of over 900 employees, over 300 of them engineers, across multiple sites in Canada, the U.S., Europe, and Asia. And at the same time, you get Eclipse’s flexibility, which means that your project could be built locally. With Eclipse you get a global leader who is in tune with your unique needs and your particular market.

Common standards and systems

Through their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Team Eclipse is able to tie together all aspects of the business and to share resources seamlessly and collaborate on projects between divisions, across all geographies. You can count on having the experts best suited to your project on your project team.

Processes and systems are standardized; each Eclipse location operates under the same ISO controlled procedures and uses the same software, following the same design and quality standards. Eclipse utilizes product design management (PDM) software to further enable design collaboration and ensure design revision control – particularly important on Repeat Equipment Manufacture programs.

With all the project data in one place, Eclipse can see and manage schedules and workloads. The team can adapt to changes in divisional loading to maintain schedules so that your project is delivered on time.

Eclipse’s global presence means you get the benefits of its broad-reaching and actively managed global supply chain. In today’s world of supply chain issues, globally coordinated supply chain management is more important than ever. Eclipse’s Global Procurement group proactively works with vendors to ensure optimal lead times. It is the objective of the team of experienced professionals to procure the best materials at the best prices and to source them in the timeliest way possible so that your project stays on schedule and milestones are met.

Eclipse has the strength and expertise of a world leader, together with the agility, adaptability, and personal attention of a locally operated business. You really can have the best of both worlds.