ATM Precision

ATMFrom lightning fast conveyors that dispense money, to extreme security measures, each mechanical component in an ATM machine works together seamlessly in order to provide perfectly accurate, instantaneous, quality service.

An ATM contains a variety of components that range from a chip scanner, which reads how much money is in your account before you can proceed, to a series of vaults in the middle, which safely store all of the machine’s cash. After your card has been scanned and your security pin has been entered, the ATM begins an extremely thorough process of bringing your money from a secured inner vault to your fingertips.

First, high-friction rollers peel a single bill from a stack of up to 1,000 bills stored vertically in one of the inner vaults. The bill then travels up a conveyer belt and is scanned to ensure that no other bills were accidentally pulled up with it. After confirmation of each bill, the machine pushes the money through the front slot of the ATM, where the user is then able to pick it up. The high-friction roller process is able pull up to five bills in a second, quickly providing the requested user amount with great precision.

This fascinating 3D animation video separates the ATM piece by piece to reveal each of the 400 parts and how they work together to provide the customer with the correct amount of banknotes. Having a view of the internal workings of the machine gives you an up-close look at the internal vaults along with the process flow that takes each bill from these vaults to your hands.

Eclipse offers a variety of sorting and feeding solutions ranging from bowl and step feeders to conveyor belts and systems. These solutions offer reliability, accuracy, and a higher volume of production for your projects, ensuring process perfection as outstanding as an ATM.

Source: Popular Mechanics