China’s Straddling Bus Concept

trojrozmerny_autobus_straddiling_busChina is currently experiencing approximately 20 million new drivers on its roads each year due to a surge in population growth. Because of this increase, traffic levels are becoming unbearable for residents and emission levels are drastically increasing nationwide. As a possible solution to both issues engineers have developed the Straddle Bus, a transportation concept which is able to cut down on the amount of vehicles on the road, while providing a pollution-free travelling alternative.

The Straddle Bus travels along a track straddling over top of two lanes of traffic, ensuring the bus is always punctual and does not cause further obstacles on the road. Passengers travel in an elevated cabin which allows vehicles up to 7 ft to drive under the bus with ease. Able to carry up to 1,400 passengers, the Straddle Bus would create a major decrease in traffic and emissions if drivers switch to this method of transit. As a bonus feature, the bus has a simulated sky built into the underside to allow individuals on the road to not feel boxed-in as they drive under the bus.

Due to its size, one bus would replace 40 gas fuelled buses, which will further decreasing the amount of vehicles on the roads. Since the straddle bus is fully electric, the trade-off from gas to electric transit will result in an annual cut in fuel consumption by 800 tons and carbon emissions by 2,500 tons. Even with its electric power source and immense size the straddle bus is still able to drive up to 40 mph, ensuring a fast trip for all passengers on-board.

As of now the straddle bus has just been built as a model, but currently a life-size model is being constructed in Changzhou where it will be potentially tested by August 2016. If successful, this invention could solve not only China’s transit problem but also other countries that follow in their footsteps.

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Source: CityLab