Rolls-Royce Vision for Future Automobiles

Rolls-Royce-VISION-NEXT-100-concept-night-1280x816Rolls-Royce has recently released their newest car concept called the Vision Next 100. Unlike any car they have produced before, its futuristic appearance and innovative features, make it seem like a vehicle out of a time travel movie.

The Vision Next 100 is a twenty-foot long, five-foot tall, fully autonomous vehicle which can seat up to two passengers. The interior cabin of the car consists of Macassar wood paneling with a deep-pile ivory wool carpet to give the feeling of luxury comfort. Minimal furniture consists of one “floating” silky wool couch, giving maximum space to passengers. It also includes an OLED touch screen that provides travel information and entertainment to passengers during their journey.

Rolls-Royce has designed the door and roof to open simultaneously and automatically, allowing passengers to stand up fully inside the car as they enter. When the door is open and the car is in park, a virtual red carpet illuminates the floor towards the entry for an added futuristic effect.

The car’s power is generated from a zero-emissions powertrain which is placed on an advanced suspension system, allowing maximum comfort for passengers inside. As a further addition, the Vision Next 100 includes luggage storage compartments near the front wheels, allowing for compact discreet storage. These storage compartments automatically open when the user exits the vehicle for quick access.

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Source: IsMars