Tire Can Self-Repair & Increase Durability

M-KumhoIdeaAward-1Kumho Tire has recently received the 2016 International Design Excellence Award in the automotive and transportation category, for two new tire designs. The designs include the Smasher, a durable tire for future-market, and the Sealant Tire, a self-healing tire currently on the market. Both tires integrate innovative technology to enhancing the riding experience over current tires.

The Smasher tire was created to help overcome extreme road conditions while providing maximum traction at the same time. Suction plates provide a vacuum seal between the tire and ground allowing for a vehicle to easily traverse steep slopes. Furthermore, grinder-shaped tread blocks enable the vehicle to drive over rough terrain by crushing and flattening areas which could normally damage the tire. Both features are staggered along the tires exterior surface, working together to overcome rough terrain.

The Sealant Tire automatically seals itself in the event of a puncture, preventing any loss of air pressure. Unlike a traditional tire, the Sealant Tire includes an additional sealant gel layer which will automatically move to the damaged area if a hole is formed. After a puncture has been filled, the tire can continue to be used until the end of its regular service life. This design allows vehicles to drive over rough jagged terrain without having to worry about the flat tires.

New innovative techniques and concepts similar to the Kumbo Tires are continually being introduced to the automotive world, improving the ride and safety for drivers. Eclipse provides innovative manufacturing solutions in assembly, welding, inspection, testing, and data analysis for the transportation industry, ensuring that the newest techniques can be integrated in order to optimize your project.

Source: Automotive World