Land Rover Designs Autonomous SUV

As self-driving cars become more accepted in society and more common, new technology is continually being designed to make these vehicles safer and more driver centric. So far, self-driving cars have only been used on roads, using the lines and markings to navigate around towns. Jaguar Land Rover has recently introduced their new self-driving all-terrain SUV model, which can drive off-road on many different surfaces while keeping the passengers safe. This new technology allows passengers to travel to a campsite or drive on gravel roads, without having to take over the controls.

The all-terrain SUV functions through a combination of cameras, lidar, radar, and ultrasonic sound, which together give the vehicle full awareness of its surroundings. Once the SUV has sensed the environment and ground surface, it will create 3D paths to drive according to the current terrain to safely avoid obstacles.

Furthermore, multiple self-driving Jaguar Land Rover all-terrain SUV’s can link to one another in order to create a connected convoy for off-road travel. By having the vehicles communicate with each other, location and other travel specifications enable following cars to avoid obstructions that the first car encounters. This type of technology will potentially be used on safaris and other sight-seeing tours to provide a safe journey for all passengers in separate driverless vehicles.

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Source: Engadget