3D-Printed Cast for Bone Healing

Each year around six million individuals in the United States break a bone, resulting in the need for a cast. Traditionally these casts have consisted of bulky bandages stiffened with plaster, which form to the patient’s body and are not removed until the bone has healed.

Though used for decades, these plaster casts lead to an accumulation of bacteria due to the lack of ventilation, which can lead to patient discomfort and possible infection. To combat these issues MediPrint has developed a lightweight 3D printed cast which is customized to fit any user and prevents bacteria growth.

Titled the NovaCast, the cast weighs ten times less than traditional casts and allows the user to remove it at any time to be washed. Unlike previous cast material which absorbs moisture and promotes bacteria growth, the NovaCast’s design eliminates sweat build up and increases ventilation. Because of this, users are able exercise with the cast and even bathe while wearing it.

Instead of using 3D scans or CT scan data to customize the cast to the user’s specifications, the NovaCast relies on an algorithm inputted by the doctor to customize the size, which cuts both costs and time. Furthermore, due to the thinness of the cast, each NovaCast print only takes around three to four hours to complete.

The medical field is continually incorporating innovative technology into old processes and procedures to improve issues which have risen in the past. Eclipse Automation offers a variety of expertise within the health sciences industry, including 3D printing abilities, ensuring that you receive the most integrated innovative solutions that add client value and enhance business operations.

Source: 3printr