Bike Helmet Lets You Talk To Other Riders

sena-smart-helmet-4Sena, a manufacturer of action sport devices, has recently designed a new bike helmet which does much more than protect your head in a crash. The smart cycling helmet includes a QHD camera, Bluetooth, speakers, and an intercom system for talking to nearby riders, eliminating the need to fidget with multiple devices as you cycle.

Through the years bike helmets have become more protective and practical to the use. Although helmets do protect the head, they don’t have the ability to provide almost completely hands-free options, until now. Sena’s new helmet offers riders maximum control while cycling so the rider can keep their hands on the handlebars at all times.

The integrated Bluetooth capability allows the helmet to connect to the user’s phone, giving the rider the capability to call, and listen to music wirelessly. Two speakers mounted on the helmets outer wall allow the user to still hear external noises while listening to music, for increased safety over earbuds.

The front of the helmet contains a mounted camera which can record up to two hours of riding footage at one time. Through the intercom system, sound can also be picked up from the videos recorded, enabling better video quality. To control the video and sound, buttons have been placed on either side of the helmet and can also be put right on the handlebars for a more practical solution.

Two separate apps control the helmet to navigate all of the gadgets included. One app simply controls the camera, allowing the user to preview and play the videos after recording while the second app controls the headset.

Innovative telecommunications devices similar to the smart bike helmet are becoming more common in the transportation industry, creating easier ways to communicate on the go. Pulling from a pool of diverse knowledge and experience, Eclipse’s vertical integration ensures that your solution produces the highest in reliability and quality, regardless of the industry.

Source: NewAtlas