Combat Vest Allows Wireless USB Charging

Wireless Combat VestA soldier’s combat gear is extremely heavy, consisting of a protective vest, weapon, ammunition, and various electronic devices which they rely on. In order to power these electronic devices, they must also carry a battery pack with them, which alone can weight up to 90 pounds.

This battery pack offsets the balance of the soldier and will often become damaged in the field due to the fragile wires that wrap around the user’s body. To provide a practical power source for combat use, BAE Systems has designed a wireless lightweight tactical harness to power electrical devices on the go.

The harness, named Broadsword Spine, is incorporated into a soldier’s protective gear and contains a small battery pack in the back. A series of conductive fabric conduits wrap around the user’s body and connect to the battery, providing power eight USB ports located around the soldier’s chest. The strong conductive fabric replaces the need for wires, and provides up to 180 watts of power to the ports.

The Broadsword Spine offers a 40 percent weight reduction compared to traditional battery supplies, while providing increased flexibility and durability. Furthermore the harness is fire, shock, water, and humidity proof, providing a longer lifespan and enabling it to be use to expand to other professions, such as police officers or firefighters.

As new wireless electronics are introduced to the market, energy storage devices such as the Broadsword Spine are becoming more desired, as a means to charge on the go. Eclipse Automation specializes in many energy storage solutions including battery assembly and lithium systems. Whether it’s a single station to a multi-station manufacturing line, Eclipse Automation’s standard modules can be modified to suit your unique requirements.

Source: T3