Combat Visor Creates 360 Vision

ironvision2Currently, tank operators rely on a periscope system to view the outside environment without leaving the safety of their vehicle, allowing them to see where they are driving and to find enemy targets.

Although this method of sight has been used for decades, the periscope only gives soldiers a limited view with many blind spots that are problematic when in combat. Elbit Systems, an Israel-based international defense electronics company, has designed a new device which expands a tank operator’s field of view, allowing them a full 360 degree scope.

The device, named IronVision, changes the whole inner tank experience, making it easier and safer to operate. Having a full 360 degree view also aids in ensuring that gunmen can see all targets and avoid potentially harming any innocent civilians.

The IronVision consists of a visor, fitted with a screen and sensors attached to a soldiers combat helmet that displays images in front of their eyes. Cameras mounted on the tank exterior display the environment on their visor and rotate with the operators head movements, offering a full 360 degree line of sight with full colour, high resolution, and zero latency.
The visor is equipped with night vision mode and the option to display information on the screen in front of the operator’s arms, eliminating the need to take their eyes off the road to look at a map or notes. Furthermore, it has built in head-tracker technology which targets and locks on to threats by the operator just glancing at them. Along with being lightweight and compact, the visor includes a distortion-correction algorithm that prevents motion sickness.

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Source: DailyMail