Smart Bottle Keeps Wine Fresh Due With Unique Valve

Kuvee.0.0When a bottle of wine is opened, the seal is broken allowing oxygen to flood in through the top and begin the spoiling process. Even if the cork or lid is put back on as quickly or tightly as possible after each use, oxygen will still enter and alter the taste. Kuvée, an American wine company, has recently designed a unique smart bottle as a solution to prevent air from entering the bottle, prolonging the life of the wine for up to a month.

Kuvée’s invention works through the incorporation of a check valve in place of the lid, replacing the cork or cap. This valve allows liquid or gas to flow freely in one direction through a barrier. In this case, wine is able to flow freely out of the bottle until it is turned upright, at which point the cap will seal preventing air from entering.

The company tested their system by storing wine in the Kuvée bottle for 30 days and comparing it to wine stored in a regular, corked wine bottle. After the 30 days they measured the amount of dissolved oxygen and the decline of sulfur dioxide to see how much oxidation occurred. Data showed that the Kuvée bottle’s wine displayed the same chemical makeup and taste after 30 days as a wine that has been opened and then corked for only 3 days in a regular bottle.

What makes this bottle even more unique is its built-in full colour touch screen, making it a “smart bottle”. The screen connects the bottle to Wi-Fi, enabling the user to view wine specifications, recommendations, provide feedback, and even order more wine right on the bottle.

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Source: LiveScience