Smart Tape Measure for Accuracy

Bagel Smart Tape Measure Technology 2016Since its introduction in 1868, the tape measure has proven to be an incredibly valuable tool, helping individuals in all industries receive accurate measurements. Though the simple metal tape design is practical when measuring straight distances on flat surfaces, it can be a challenge for other procedures including measuring rounded surfaces. A startup company has produced a smart tape measure called Bagel, an enhanced version of the original tool, which measures using three different methods instead of one.

The first measuring method Bagel offers is “string mode”, which is similar to the traditional tape measure design, consisting of a three meter retractable string which is pulled out. The distance the string extracted is displayed on an OLED screen, so you cannot only pull the string out straight, but can wrap it around an object with accurate results.

The second method is “wheel mode”, which acts as a handheld measuring wheel for individuals who only have one hand available or need to measure a curved path. For this mode, the user simply has to roll the wheel along the surface between two distances to find an accurate measurement up to ten meters.

“Remote mode” is the last and final measurement method that Bagel offers. In “remote mode”, individuals use a laser pointer to measure distances between areas you cannot easily access. Furthermore, an ultrasound function allows users to measure distances up to five meters, simply pointing the laser at the surface they wish to measure.

The Bagel houses a lithium-polymer battery, providing up to eight hours of straight use on one USB charge. Furthermore, the Bagel archives each measurement on its memory after use, and has voice recording enabled for up to 100 measurements. Voice memos are converted to text, linked with the measurement, and stored on the app, allowing easy access to information via smartphone.

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Source: Gizmag