New Technology Repels Ice

Researchers say the development of a new ice repelling technology could revolutionize safety for aviation and other industries operating in extreme low temperatures.

The material, called magnetic slippery surface (MAGSS), prevents ice from building up on surfaces at subzero temperatures. One side of the surface is coated with a magnetic material while the other is applied with a magnetic fluid, a mixture of iron oxide nanoparticles. The coating provides an impenetrable barrier so that water never comes in contact with the surface causing the water to slip right off.

Creators are hoping to develop the technology into a marketable product that would service multiple industries. Potential applications could include anti-icing for air planes, ocean-going vessels, power lines and wind turbines.

The new technology, providing protection at -29°F, is more advanced than anything currently on the market which provides maximum protection at -13°F.

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Source: R&D Mag