Tesla Cars Self-Driving

Tesla Self Driving CarTesla is well-known for continually introducing new technology and features into their vehicles, slowly bringing us into the future of automobiles. The company is not only creating vehicles with advanced interior technology and sustainable electric engines, but also proving that self-driving vehicles could be closer than we had ever imagined.

As their next step, Tesla has recently announced that each of their vehicles will now contain the hardware to allow them to be completely autonomous in the future. Each of their models, consisting of the Model S, Model X, and Model 3, will each include eight 360-degree cameras with vision up to 250 meters. Furthermore the vehicles will come equipped with twelve ultrasonic sensors to detect obstructions twice as far as the current Autopilot and a front-radar.

To process all of these added features and devices, the vehicles will be using a new onboard computer with forty times more computing power than the previous generation. However, due to the vast improvement the cost of the self-driving system alone will be $8,000, over two and a half times more expensive than the current Autopilot system.

To further calibrate the system the vehicles will endure millions of miles of driving to allow maximum safety and convenience to the improvements. While this is occurring the current Autopilot system will lack specific current features, which will be validated and enabled later in the future.

As Tesla and other car companies add innovative technology to their vehicles, each model becomes more complex to design and manufacture. Eclipse Automation’s experience in the transportation industry offers solutions in assembly, welding, inspection, testing, and data analysis, ensuring maximum end-to-end control of each vehicle.

Source: Popsci