Wearable Heart Monitor Can Measure Emotions

senseStartup company, Planexta, has recently created a Kickstarter page to fund an innovative wearable capable of measuring emotions. This device, titled the Sense, can not only measure stress and anxiety of the user, but also happiness, sadness, and over forty other emotions a user may experience.

In each industry there are a variety of stress-filled positions which can have a toll on an individual over a period of time. Workers in these positions may not even realize the amount of anxiety they are experiencing until they suffer from a breakdown or other medical issue. Having an emotion monitor would prevent these issues from happening, allowing an individual to know when they have exceeded safe levels of stress or sadness.

The Sense includes three electrodes which give the device the ability to monitor an individual’s levels with extremely high accuracy. Of these sensors, two watch the user’s electrocardiograph (ECG) signal (R Peak), while the third monitors additional electrical activity within to body to cancel out the noise. Incorporating the R Peak method into the device has made the Sense 250 times more accurate than current optical heartrate monitors on the market.

The wearable takes ten second snapshots of the signal and displays the data on an app, allowing the user to track their levels over time. Aside from measuring emotions, the Sense also includes features such as step-counting, as well as a calendar and GPS function to correlate user emotions which are triggered by specific times and places.

Health science tech, like the Sense, are turning towards more intricate sensors and high precision machining in order to provide the best monitoring applications. Whether you require a micro-component sort and assembly or custom built-in LCD displays, Eclipse Automation’s expertise in electronics and medical industries provides you with precision and efficiency regardless of your project size.

Source: IEEE Spectrum