Portable Water Turbine Charges Electronics

Estream EnomadIn the wilderness, there are few methods of charging electronics without access to gas generators or power outlets. The most common solution is to purchase a solar power battery pack, although it is not as efficiently under trees, or at night. In order to provide a more productive and effective power source, a startup company named Enomad has recently created a water turbine as a portable generator alternative.

The device, named the Estream, is small enough to fit in the water bottle holder in a backpack, allowing for easy packing. To create power, three propellers are folded down at the back of the device and a rope is attached to the front. The user simply has to anchor the rope to a rock or branch and place the Estream into a moving body of water. The Current drags the device, rotating the propellers and creating power over time. If no moving water is nearby the device can also be attached to the rear of a boat and use the boats motion to rotate the turbines.

When in motion, the Estream is capable of producing an energy output between 2.5 to 5 watts, and take under five hours to charge the 6,400mAh battery it houses. The power produced is able to charge up to three smartphones on one charge, taking half the time of an outlet for each. The Estream can also be used to power four separate waterproof lantern attachments. These lanterns include low light, high light, strobe, and SOS, depending on your setting.

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Source: Geeky Gadgets