BeatBot – A Self-Driving Robot to Race Against Athletes

Athletes are always looking for that extra boost of motivation when it comes to training. For some this could be motivational words from a coach or teammate, while others require the act of competing to get that extra push.

Puma’s new creation the BeatBot takes personal fitness to the next level, allowing athletes to compete while running even when there are no other people available on the track. Created by the J. Walter Thompson ad agency with help from NASA robots engineers and 3 MIT grads, this self-driving robot can follow the lines on a race track and maintain a pre-determined speed alongside an athlete to give them that extra needed push.

The BeatBot is controlled via mobile app, from which the user can control the pace of the bot depending on how fast they wish to run. These speeds include anywhere between Usain Bolt speed (as seen in the video), down to a swift jog. This robot is also more complex than it looks with built in features such as rear LED lights on the back for easy visibility at night, and a mounted GoPro which allowed athletes to view their run after they have finished.

The BeatBot consists of nine infrared sensors which scan and follow the lines on the track, allowing it to follow the curve of the track without running into obstacles. The speed and distance of the robot is measured by wheel revolutions which allow it to maintain a constant speed, even through turns. The data is processed in real-time, to make more than 100 maneuvers per second to ensure the robot stays on the line, can navigate bends when they approach them, and will cross the finish line at the pace you have programmed.

Much like the Beatbot, Eclipse strives to take automation to the next level by providing a wide arrange of custom solutions, from machine vision to real-time data collection and part tracking, helping to enhance your projects performance and quality.

Source: Inquisitr