Medically Approved Design Needed for Respirators and Ventilators


COVID-19 has stretched global health care resources thin.

Our front line medical workers are in need of additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) so they can continue to safely and effectively treat our sick.

Our hospitals need additional equipment, such as respirators and ventilators to be used in the battle against this current pandemic.

In such unprecedented times, it is time to ask ourselves, what is our part in this and what can we do to help?

For one, we’re already seeing the shift in manufacturing. Many companies have halted their normal production lines in lieu of producing equipment that’s urgently needed now, and we thank you. We are currently expediting certain lines to deliver healthcare systems and other essential services with unprecedented speed in order to get much needed products to market faster.

At Eclipse Automation, we have the ability, know-how, and technical experience to quickly build respirators and ventilators at our global sites. We also have the ability to make systems for other companies who wish to get involved and manufacture these much needed medical devices themselves.

What we do need though is a partner who already has a medically approved design ready so that we can expedite the process, produce what we can, and ensure they are delivered to where they’re most needed.

If you have a medically approved design for respirators and ventilators that is ready to use, but you lack the production expertise to make it happen, please reach out to us at Eclipse Automation, and we’ll do the rest. We can easily be contacted through email; [email protected].

COVID-19 is a global pandemic and that calls for global solutions. Big thinking, creative thinking, and new partnerships for better answers; partnerships like the one we’re hoping to find.

During these times we need to be unified more than ever, and work together by not only sharing resources, but also kindness, and respect. This pandemic has infected many, but affected us all.

We’re in this together.