Custom automated solutions


Creation and evolution are the company’s founding principles and what sets us apart is our relentless pace.

Life Sciences Automation

Our Goals Are Your Goals

  • Enhance your capabilities
  • Improve product volume
  • Reduce cycle-time and rework
  • Introduce safe handling
  • Increase reliability
  • Shorten lead times
  • Boost precision
  • Maintain conformance
  • Drive consistency
  • Lower unit costs
  • Solve the shortage of skilled operators
  • Control ergonomic strain and potential hazards
  • Limit human intervention
  • Free-up your resources

The Eclipse Custom Automation Electronic Experience


Proof of Principle, Prototypes, Modeling, Build-to-Print, Analysis, Planning & Budgeting, Develop Specifications, Lean Manufacturing, Risk Assessment

Custom Automated Solutions

Custom Automated Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Test, Commission


Training, 24/7 Support, OEE Optimization, Inspection, Field Technicians, Long-Term Service

Our Legacy

The Eclipse legacy all began with a state-of-the-art custom ERP system. It has always enabled our people to build-on project fundamentals, transfer ideologies to other industry sectors, quote accurately, adapt to change and document success patterns. Our experienced project teams apply this knowledge and structured processes for quoting, planning and communicating with our customers.

Eclipse Custom Automation

A Dedicated Project Manager

From beginning to end, we communicate. Our single-point contact person monitors the project in real-time to deliver what we promise.

We start the process with designers that listen. They engineer unique, high-quality solutions that work. We continue by integrating applications and building custom automation equipment that is right for the project. We keep going. Our post-automation team works for you after launch and for as long as your project is under our care.

Eclipse Automation robot simulations

Engineering At Your Fingertips

Solving challenges is what we do every day. With hundreds of applications, mechanical and control system designers, we can create innovative, custom automated solutions that extend the productive life of your system and process.

We develop proven solutions applying GAMP and SCADA guidelines and use many tools such as SolidWorks, Solid Edge, AutoCAD and Catia. Our standard project includes comprehensive master drawings, simulations, calculations, spreadsheets, materials selection, integrated technology, as well as manuals and reference documents.

Eclipse Automation Indexing

Size Matters

At Eclipse, we also consider size. From small space configurations and large dimensions, right through to pilot projects and cell add-ons, we provide scalable and flexible custom automated solutions to support your investment plans and strengthen your manufacturing strategies.

Post-Automation Electronic

Once the custom automation equipment system is built, we will then move and install it on your site. The system will be OEE optimized, and your operators and maintenance staff will be trained. Emergency 24/7 support and a service package will be available to protect your investment and keep your production running.

Eclipse aftercare goes beyond maintenance. We have an entire service department, engineering resources and a manufacturing division devoted to spare parts, system upgrades, retrofits, line relocations, troubleshooting, equipment optimization and long-term on-site support.

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