The evolution of modern Custom Manufacturing


Custom Manufacturing solutions

From prototypes to production, Eclipse is a very versatile fabrication manufacturing partner that supplies high-quality parts, components, and products for commercial, industrial, and structural use.

Our manufacturing facilities form the backbone for custom automation projects and they also operate as a separate division that provides sub-assemblies, complete manufacturing, parts and tooling. Production is tracked with our state-of-the-art custom ERP system.

The Eclipse Custom Manufacturing experience


Build-to-Print, Prototypes, Proof of Principle, Design, Engineering, Drawings, Quality Assurance

Custom Manufacturing

3D, Raw Materials Processing, Build, Welding, Shot Blasting, Painting


Installation, Service, Support


Whether you have a concept or an established design, our application and mechanical manufacturing machinists work collaboratively with project management to provide the right solution. We often get asked to replicate parts, build-to-print or fabricate from a PDF and can get your project off the ground without supplying models or CAD drawings.

  • Design Packages: Master Drawings, M-BOM & P-BOM
  • Tools: SolidWorks, AutoCAD, VCarve, Master Cam (CNC), Insight™ (3D)


Material types that we fabricate include aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel. Our fully equipped fabrication shop of manufacturing machinists includes, but is not limited to: punching, shearing and forming with our 5-axis brake press.

Our team of welding supervisors assist manufacturing machinists to manufacture weldments and multiple CWB welding procedures on 10 welding stations. Large weldments can benefit from our integrated laser trackers for dimensional inspection reports.

Welding processes

  • FCAW welding
  • GMAW welding
  • MCAW welding
  • Soldering

  • Stud welding

Eclipse Automation CNC Hartfort CNC


Our advanced machine shop and team of qualified skilled manufacturing machinists can manufacture tools and parts with high-precision tolerances up to +/-0.0002”. Our fully equipped machine shop includes, but is not limited to grinding, milling, pressing, turning and wire EDM.

CNC’s for precision and repeatability

We can provide our customers with high dimensional component tolerances, prototypes and fully functioning parts with CNC technology. Our multi-axis (4 and 5) CNC milling machines and CNC routers are perfect for producing complex shapes using high-cutting speed with precision. CNC’s work with a variety of materials from basic aluminum and plastics to more exotic materials like titanium.

3D print – Additive Custom Manufacturing Technologies

Our Fortus 400 uses Fused Deposition Modeling™ (FDM) technology and can manufacture production-grade thermoplastics such as ABS, PC and ULTEM. Conceptual models, functional prototypes, manufacturing tools and end-use parts can endure high heat, caustic chemicals, sterilization and high impact applications.

Eclipse Manufacturing Shot Blasting and Painting

Shot Blasting and Painting

From small jobs to large-scale contracts we can prep and apply exceptional surface finishes to your specification.

Our Capacity

  • Paint booth: 14’ x 32’ x 16’H.
  • Shot blast booth: 20’ x 30’ x 16’H
  • Glass bead / Grit blast: 12” x 12” x 24”
  • Paint standard: two-part epoxy

Supporting Your Investment

At any phase of your project, we can provide engineered design, technical know-how, fabrication expertise, machining, finishing and full aftercare service. From jigs to fixtures, we offer fabrication manufacturing solutions that can increase your manufacturing capacity, modernize existing assembly and sustain the productive life of your equipment.

Whether it’s overseas or around the corner, we carefully package and ship to the destination of your choice.


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