Blood Analyzer Receives FDA Clearance

Patients who’ve had heart valve replacement surgery or experience conditions such as atrial fibrillation, deep vein thrombosis, and congenital heart defects, often experience blood clotting. Due to this side effect, they must continually monitor their blood levels to prevent clots from happening and ensure their medication is working.

In the past, a patient would have to receive these tests at a hospital using an advanced machine to collect the data, which is very time consuming for both the patient and the doctor. As an easier solution, Siemens has created a new portable device which allows users to test their blood levels from home. This new device, named the Xprecia Stride Coagulation Analyzer, has recently been cleared by the FDA for point-of-care use, simplifying the process for patients.

The Xprecia Stride Coagulation Analyzer works by measuring the Prothrombin Time International Normalized Ratio in patients on blood thinners. To use the device, the user must simply touch the test strip to their finger for a blood sample to be taken. The device will then analyze the blood and deliver results on the screen within minutes for viewing.

The device is around the size and weight as a smartphone, making it easy to carry anywhere for on-the-go use. The analyzer also includes a barcode scanner for simple data collection and retrieval, along with a large colour screen for icons and data viewing. Furthermore, the Xprecia Stride Coagulation Analyzer comes with a test-strip ejection safety feature, allowing the strip to be discarded after use without any contact, simply by pushing a button.

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Source: MDTMag