SkinGun for Burn Areas

RenovaCare-CellMist-SkinGun-Stem-Cell-Burn-Treatment-1020x610When an individual arrives at the emergency room with extreme burns, there is a small window of time to provide treatment before irreparable damage is done to the skin. In this short time frame doctors must attempt to speed up the healing process and regrow skin over the burned area to make a full recovery with minimal scarring.

Traditionally doctors will complete a skin graft to cover the burn, but this process is extremely time consuming and very painful on the patient. The application of stem cells to the burned area is becoming a more common method for doctors to use, however it is difficult to accurately place the stem cells on the patient’s skin in a uniform coating. As a solution RenovaCare has created the SkinGun, a spray device which uses the patient’s skin cells to cover the burned area evenly, resulting in fast regrowth of skin.

The SkinGun can scatter thousands of stem cells over a burn area quickly and in an even layer, which improves the recovery time of previous methods. Tests conducted with the gun showed that it had 200 times more coverage to the skin than standard burn treatment methods. In an 8 cm surface area the SkinGun shoots over 20,000 droplets, opposed to the 91 that the standard syringe method produces.

Additionally, the SkinGun expels an extremely gentle spray from the nozzle, ensuring no cells are damaged as they are emitted and resulting in less pain to the patient. This spray method leaves 97.3 percent of cells still functional after being applied by the gun.

In order to use the gun, a doctor takes a small sample of the patient’s healthy skin from anywhere on their body, then processing the skin to extract the stem cells into a solution RenovaCare calls CellMist. The solution is then loaded into the gun and sprayed onto the burned area. This whole process take place less than 90 minutes from when the patient enters the emergency room.

Dispensing and gauging processes such as the one used in the SkinGun require precise calibrations to ensure the specific amount of liquid needed is being extracted. Eclipse offers accurate calibration to any medical manufacturing processes, guaranteeing the utmost in accuracy and quality.

Source: Gizmag