Smart Earbuds Change the Way We Hear

Nuhear IQbuds - Smart EarbudsThe invention of earbuds offered many improvements to previous headphone designs which were often large, hard to store, and not at all discreet. However, earbuds still had faults, including overpowering background noise and tangled wires.

Nuheara, a tech company in San Francisco, recently created new smart earbuds, called IQbuds, which contain several helpful features to improve the current earbud design. These wireless earbuds not only offer consumers all the basic features of regular earbuds, such as listening to music and answering phone calls hands-free, but also include the option to let you remove or enhance background noise.

IQbuds are equipped with noise-cancelling technology which mutes all or some of the background noise in a loud setting. Depending on how you use the earbuds, you can ensure that you only hear the songs you want to hear, or you can use them as earplugs to enable you to read or concentrate in a public area without any distraction.

Along with canceling noise, the IQbuds also have an option to enhance sound through built in microphones, helping the hearing impaired and those who wish only hear one individual talking in loud area. With this feature, the user is also able to eliminate background noise, choosing the sounds they wish to have heard.

Nuheara’s IQbuds connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and are operated by an app, allowing you to control all settings and choose setups depending on your surroundings. You can then save the settings for specific environments, allowing you to use pre-saved ones depending on your location. IQbuds operate continually for over four hours through the use of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Also, the carrying case contains three extra charges, extending battery life by an additional twelve hours for when you are on the go.

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Source: LiveScience