Joint Venture Awarded $33 M for Nuclear Industry

SNC-Lavalin (TSX:SNC) and its joint venture partner Eclipse Automation Inc. was awarded the $33 million production tooling contract to support Bruce Power’s fuel channel and feeder replacement (FCFR) project. The installation and inspection tools were designed and prototype-tested by SNC-Lavalin and Eclipse under an earlier agreement. Specialized tools are necessary to support the highly unique work of installing and inspecting calandria tubes and fuel channels used in CANDU® reactors. Manufacturing will take place in Mississauga at SNC-Lavalin’s Sheridan Park campus and at Eclipse’s Cambridge manufacturing facility. Delivery will be completed by September 2019.

“SNC-Lavalin continues Canada’s storied CANDU nuclear legacy through our production tooling design and delivery capabilities,” said Sandy Taylor, President, Nuclear, SNC-Lavalin. “Our important and collaborative work with Bruce Power and Eclipse Automation exemplifies Canada’s nuclear advantage. The clean energy sector maintains many highly skilled jobs required to support and service CANDU reactors at home and abroad while contributing long-term to the Canadian economy, from cities to small towns.”

“By extending the life of the site to 2064, Bruce Power will create and sustain 22,000 jobs annually, across the province, while also delivering 30 per cent of Ontario’s electricity at 30 per cent less than the average cost to generate residential power,” said John Soini, Executive Vice President of Finance and Commercial Services, Bruce Power. “We can only continue to do this by making strategic partnerships with suppliers like SNC-Lavalin and Eclipse Automation as they have demonstrated the experience, commitment and dedication to safety, quality, productivity and innovation.”

The tools build on the successful field use of earlier tools, designed to improve efficiencies during the course of work. This includes inspection, conditioning and installation tools to prepare for and implement the calandria tube and fuel channel replacement.

“Eclipse has experienced significant growth recently, and much of this is a direct result of our involvement in the Ontario nuclear refurbishment programs,” said Steve Mai, President, Eclipse Automation Inc.  “The growth from this sector has created more than 75 new permanent full-time positions at our Cambridge, ON headquarters, and much of this is directly tied to Bruce Power’s FCFR project and our partnership with SNC-Lavalin.”

The production tools will be operated by the Shoreline Power Group, another SNC-Lavalin joint venture, supporting Bruce Power’s Life Extension Program and enabling its CANDU units to continue operating safely through to 2064.

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