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EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2019 Award Finalist in Ontario.

Successful entrepreneurs share commonalities. They see possibilities, not barriers. They are determined and aren’t afraid of failure. They have absolute passion and a profound commitment to their business. They talk about their company’s vision and customer solutions rather than products and services. They have an open mind and learn from everyone around them. Steve Mai, President and Owner of Eclipse Automation in Cambridge, Ontario fits this bill and was recently recognized as an EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2019 award finalist in Ontario.

 “I have been fortunate to have met so many remarkable entrepreneurs and colleagues locally and abroad and am humbled to be part of this group of finalists,” mentions Steve Mai, President and CEO, Eclipse Automation. “When I set out, it wasn’t about supplying equipment but rather about reinventing what automation is and was for many people that view it to be assembly or adding a robot. Creating an automated realization process allowed us to take our understanding and react quickly with the best solution.”

Over 20 years ago, Steve left a successful career with a vision to reshape the landscape of automation. His raw ideology about progress stems from ‘innovation’, ‘liking what you do’, ‘doing things better’, ‘responding to change’ and understanding that ‘things just have to make sense’. Although creation and evolution are the company’s founding principles, capturing know-how through rich process has been the glue and distinct difference that accelerated the pace of Steve’s success.

“This is an incredible personal accomplishment. I have had the pleasure of working with Steve for many years and to me he defines entrepreneurism,” says Gilles Blouin, Director of Business Development, Eclipse Automation.  “Steve has the drive to innovate, the willingness to collaborate and takes daily calculated strategic risk. He relies on trusted individuals and a highly skilled team to innovate and help manage opportunities.”

Human capital, employee development and relationships are important to Steve and have always been one of Eclipse’s key competitive advantages.

“What Steve does best is lead with conviction,” states Mimi Brazil, Human Resource Manager, Eclipse Automation. “His success story impacts over 650 employees worldwide and he empowers his people to explore the potential for something different – something better – in what they do and in who they are. Over the past three years, the number of employees has doubled, annual revenue has more than tripled and profits have reached unprecedented levels.”

Steve continuously raises the bar with his desire to explore new territory. He shares his success with others, offers customers more than what they expect, collaborates and trusts, builds on process and creates an internal community.

In a connected world, businesses need to leverage their strengths across boundaries to increase their success. With this philosophy, Steve has led Eclipse into foreign markets and continues to transform automation intercontinentally and drive positive change in local economies and communities around the world.

Other Highlights on Steve’s Five Year Resume

  • Founding partner of the Smart Automation Group, servicing international customers.
  • Expands Eclipse Automation to 14 facilities within Canada, the USA and most recently Europe.
  • 2019 acquisitions have grown controls engineering offering and strengthened capabilities within the life science, transportation and electronics sector.
  • Further diversification within the nuclear and life science markets.
  • Gold Standard designation and recipient of Canada’s Best Managed Companies for five-years running.
  • Growth 500 award recipient for fifth consecutive year as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies.
  • Employer of Distinction recipient from Conestoga College providing valuable experience for students.
  • Premier’s Award Nomination from Conestoga College honouring social and economic contributions from graduates.

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What’s Next?
The Ontario finalists will come together on 24 October 2019 in Toronto at the annual awards gala, where EY will name one winner in each of the nine categories selected by the independent panel of judges. One of those category winners will be named the overall Ontario EY Entrepreneur Of The Year and will later compete with regional winners from Pacific, Prairies, Québec and Atlantic for the title of Canada’s EY Entrepreneur Of The Year. The Canadian winner will go on to compete with national winners from across the globe for the title of EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year in June 2020.

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