Tesla Opens Gigafactory In Nevada Dessert

Tesla-Gigafactory-889x417Tesla has recently opened their newest factory located in the Nevada desert, covering over 5.5 million square feet of open workspace. The current building is just a fraction of the massive 13 million square feet of workspace that Tesla has planned, making it one of the largest buildings in the world. This factory, named the Gigafactory, is a production center for Tesla’s lithium-ion batteries that power their current and future vehicles.

The goal of the Gigafactory is to produce 50GWh of battery packs at full capacity, which will reduce the cost of Tesla batteries by more than 30%. Tesla’s cost reduction strategy plan will enable the company to produce more affordable electric cars in the future, as opposed to their current luxury models.

The factory itself will operate on 100% renewable energy and will be completely turnkey, using raw materials to build the batteries from scratch. Once the factory is complete, solar panels will cover the entire roof, along with additional panels and wind turbines around the building. These devices will generate enough power to meet the continual energy demands of the 24/7 operational factory.

The total cost of the factory is an estimated 5 billion dollars once completed and will provide work for up to 6,500 employees. Overall, the Gigafactory will double the world’s current lithium-ion battery production, lowering the cost of electric cars, and as a result pollution levels.

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Source: TechInsider