Circuit Marker Draws Lines That Conduct Electricity

AgIC, a startup company based in Tokyo, has recently created a marker able to bring drawings to life using technology. The device, called the Circuit Marker, contains a special conductive ink which allows electricity to follow the path the user draws on paper, connecting power between circuits. The device can be used for a variety of applications, including replacing wire on circuits for quick designs.

The Circuit Marker began on Kickstarter last year and has since become available for the public to buy. The creator intended the marker to be utilized by individuals who are building electronic prototypes, enabling them to connect circuits with a quick swipe of the marker and eliminating the need for designers to constantly assemble and dissemble boards as they test creations.

As of now, the Circuit Marker is most commonly used to power lightbulbs; however the ink is able to withstand up to 100 volts, opening up many opportunities for powering other devices. The marker has also proven to be popular among children, being used in pop-up and colouring books to create a fun learning experience.

In order for the process to work, the ink, mainly consisting of silver, has to be used on a special circuit paper sheet, allowing the ink to dry on top of the surface rather than absorb into it. Luckily, the cost of the Circuit marker and circuit paper are both affordable, which makes it an ideal choice for electricians and startups alike.

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Source: Interesting Engineering