Ball Puts Out Fires In Seconds

elide-fire-ball-mountElide Fire has created a revolutionary way of putting out enclosed fires in seconds from a distance, surpassing the common fire extinguisher in both effectiveness and safety.

Traditionally, the most effective way of putting out an unwanted fire is to grab the nearest fire extinguisher and spray the majority of the container into the base of the fire at a reasonably close distance. This method is not very safe for the individual who is holding the fire extinguisher, and requires some skill and training to properly use.

Elide Fire Ball allows an individual to simply throw the whole ball into the fire from any distance, at which point the heat will make the ball detonate and release the inner mixture, instantaneously putting out the flame while also making a loud noise to warn others of the fire. The device can be mounted in fire-prone areas, such as a kitchen, to automatically detonate without any human assistance if a fire starts, and unlike a sprinkler system, it causes no damage to a building’s interior.

Smaller than a soccer ball and only three pounds, the Elide Fire ball can be kept anywhere until use. Furthermore, the Elide Fire Ball can be stored for up to 5 years without any inspection or maintenance and still be fully functional.

New safety equipment and initiatives, much like the Elide Fire Ball, are being introduced into companies to ensure all that employees remain as safe as possible while in the workplace. Eclipse Automation, strives to be a leader in workplace safety, constantly evolving its many safety and well being initiatives to provide employees a safe and friendly work environment.

Source: Digital Trends