Desktop Robot Capable of Sorting, 3D Printing, Engraving and More

Dobot, a small robotics manufacturer located in China, recently created a Kickstarter page for their newest model called the M1. This portable robot includes various arm attachments allowing the device to be used for sorting, cutting, engraving, 3D printing and soldering.

Traditionally, robotic arms are used in industrial manufacturing processes causing them to be very large and expensive. Due to this, it’s not practical for a consumer to purchase a robotic arm for personal or small business use. Dobot’s M1 offers a compact size at an affordable price allowing any consumer to use the device right in their home.

To make the M1 as user-friendly as possible, the device is designed to be programmed in a variety of ways. When put in ‘learning mode’ the user can teach the device new tasks by physically moving the head where it needs to go. The M1 also comes with different programmable tools allowing an experienced user to code the robot’s processes them self.

Automatic sorting, similar to the M1’s grab attachment, can be a large benefit to any assembly process, increasing efficiency and safety on the line. Eclipse Automation specializes in a range of sorting and feeding solutions, from bowl feeders to conveyor belts, ensuring your process flows smoothly and efficiently.

Source: TechCrunch