Electric Garbage Truck Cuts Costs & Emissions

macktrucks-wrightspeed-theroute-1Mack Trucks, a global truck manufacturer, has recently introduced a garbage truck which operates off a turbine-powered electric powertrain, allowing for less fuel to be used in its process. The electric system will decrease both maintenance costs and the amount of emissions produced, while still delivering an immense amount of power.
The purpose of a garbage truck is to prevent pollution in communities by properly disposing waste in designated areas; unfortunately they also create a significant amount of air pollution through the emissions produced during their travels. Though these trucks do not require a large amount of speed, they still need a great deal of power to carry the weight of all the garbage and condense it as they go.

The Mack LR’s power is generated from a Wrightspeed Route 1000 turbine and electric powertrain, replacing a typical combustion engine on the trucks chassis. Specifically designed to carry up to 66,000 lbs., this engine generates enough power to drive the truck even at full capacity. At the hub of the engine is an 80 kW Fulcrum Turbine Generator which is capable of running on diesel/biodiesel, compressed and liquid natural gas, landfill gases, kerosene, propane, heating oil, and more.

Two gear traction drive units are attached to the truck to power each rear axle, providing full traction and control by adjusting the motors speed for each wheel. Since there are two drive axles, the truck can use four motors which deliver two hundred horsepower each.

The Mack LR is also fitted with a 730kW regenerative braking system which is able extract energy when the brakes are used and reused in the engine. All of this energy is held in batteries made by A123 Systems,installed in a modular fashion, which can be charged through a plug while the truck is not in use.

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Source: Gizmag