Futuristic Tilting Makes for a Smooth & Silent Ride

doohan-ev2-itank-three-wheeler-1Though agile, motorcycles can be extremely dangerous due to their lack of stability and open gas tank design. However, riders still prefer motorcycles due to the thrill and feeling a car can’t deliver. In order to optimize motorcycle safety, while still keeping the thrill, Doohan has created a more stable electric bike called the EV3 iTank.

The EV3 iTank is a three-wheel electric powered bike which tilts as the driver turns or makes their way over uneven landscape. The two front wheels are attached with a shifting axle, allowing the bike to scale gradients up to 25 percent with a light driver.

The bike is built from a die-cast aluminum chassis attached to a cross-mounted rear shock absorber. The shock absorber placement gives the bike a low center of gravity, providing a more even weight distribution for sharp turns.

The iTank receives its power from a 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery pack, enabling the bike to travel approxiamately 100 km before a charge is needed. A full recharge takes approximately six hours, but due to the battery’s small size a backup can be easily swapped for instant power. The battery is able to last up to five years or around 600 charges before it begins to lose efficiency.

The rear wheel attaches to a Bosch electric motor, providing 1.86 kW of power and a top speed of around 45 km/h. Not yet able to handle highway speeds, the bike is most ideal for residential and urban driving with little to no noise produced.

Innovative vehicle components similar to the tilt feature in the iTank can be very complex for factory assembly, composing if many small parts and instruments. Eclipse offers a diverse range of assembly solutions in the transportation industry, producing high quality for every build and specialized to each project.

Source: New Atlas