Giant Robot Provides Safety for Fukushima Cleanup

Master designer Vitaly Bulgarov recently teamed up with Korea Future Technology, a robotics company, to create a massive robotic mech suit that will help in the Fukushima cleanup. This robot mech suit stands 13 feet tall and encases the pilot in a glass box located in the center of the suit, providing a first person perspective as they operate the controls.

Bulgarov has previously created robot models used in the Terminator, Robocop and Transformer movies, as well as the StarCraft and World of Warcraft games. Now, Korea Future Technology’s programming knowledge has helped his latest model come to life, complete with fully functional arms and legs.

Inside the glass cockpit, the pilot controls two arm sensors. When the user moves their arms, the robot tracks the pattern in real time and copies the motion with the robotic arms. Currently, the robot’s ability to walk is operated externally with a controller, allowing for backwards or forwards movement on a flat surface.

Current applications for the robotic suit include cleanup and restoration of the Fukushima disaster site in Japan, as well as indoor industrial assistance. However, with the immense strength and precision the robot provides, the suit could prove useful in a variety of industries in the future.

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Source: NewAtlas