Generator Produces 40-100 Gallons Of Clean Water Per Day

water-generation-solutions-unit-1For business owners, individuals with large properties, or pool owners, having an abundance of water on hand can be essential to maintain operations and ensure all vegetation survives through dry weather. However, all of this water can cost quite a lot over time, raising the water bill to an overwhelming amount. In order to cut down on water costs or avoid the water grid completely, SunToWater has developed a device which works as an oversized dehumidifier, collecting moisture from the air to create a supply of fresh water.

The SunToWater Generator is around the size of an average AC unit, capable of creating up to 100 gallons of water each day from the air alone. Each gallon of water the device produces costs as little as 3.5 – 8 cents to create, which is a significant decrease over current water prices.

To extract water from the air, the Water Generator uses salt to pull in moisture and collect it. The moisture is then taken out of the salt using fans and solar heat, and a condenser extracts the distilled water for use. The procedure utilizes both solar thermal input and electric input to power and provide heat to the device during the extraction process.

The water collected from the device is then pumped to a nearby tank, where it is stored. For industrial or use at larger homes, multiple units can be combined beside one another, providing a larger quantity of water per day.

Installing environmentally friendly methods into industrial procedures, such as the SunToWater Generator, can have a large impact over time to cut down on environmental pollution. Eclipse Automation‘s extensive experience with alternative energy enables you to customize your projects in order to receive the highest in sustainability, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Source: Treehugger