Pen Creates 3D Structures

3doodler3Doodler, a company that develops 3D printing pens, has recently designed a Pro pen model, which is intended to be used by designer professionals to give them full 3D drawing capabilities while creating.

Unlike old models, the 3Doodler Pro uses a plastic mixture to build, containing materials such as wood, copper, bronze, nylon, and polycarbonate. This mixture allows the finished product to have the same look and feel as wood, but contain the same weight as its metal ingredients. These qualities can prove useful in fields such as architecture, engineering, or fashion designing, where new concepts are continually being suggested.

The pen allows the user to choose melting material heat levels ranging from 100-250°C, and also the flow rate that the material flows out of the pen. Additionally, a fan is built into the pen to quickly chill the material to prevent leakage. All of the adjustable settings are displayed on a LCD screen on the side of the pen during use.

The shell of the pen is constructed from carbon fiber to ensure maximum durability, and has a rubber grip attached near the tip to prevent burns. Furthermore it comes with a protective case and battery pack, allowing for easy transportation on the go.

The design stage is an essential step in any project, ensuring the finished product meets the performance and look that the client desires. Eclipse Automation’s mechanical, electrical and controls design departments work closely with project management to produce fully integrated, high quality systems that maximize safety, productivity, availability and quality.

Source: NewAtlas