Self-Serve Dispensing System Allows Consumers To Pay For And Pour Their Own Drinks

1According to a recent study conducted by Barclaycard, the average wait time at a bar during the holidays is 12 minutes per drink order. Throughout a customer’s night, this amounts to a total of 35 minutes or more spent waiting for drinks instead of socializing.

Due to extensive wait times, customers often abandon their drink order or simply leave the establishment to go elsewhere. To increase customer satisfaction, Barclaycard has developed a self-serve beer tap that allows customers to pay for and pour their own beer without a server.

Titled the Pay@Pump, the device uses contactless technology that enables the user to pay for drinks by simply holding their card to a sensor. Once payment is confirmed, the customer simply places their glass under the tap and a sensor automatically fills the glass to the right level. The entire process takes around 60 seconds to complete.

A prototype of the Pay@Pump has already been installed and tested at Henry’s Café Bar, a pub located in Central London. If proven useful, the beer tap will be introduced nationally to not only bars, but also festivals and concerts to help streamline the ordering process.

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Source: The Guardian