3-Wheeler Car Fuses Classic & Modern Design

newheroAlthough the creation of the three-wheel car never became extremely popular due to its unstableness and strange appearance, many car lovers still have a passion for the unique design and distinct look of these models. Because of these enthusiasts, Morgan Motor Company has recently created a new three-wheel model which has an old-school feel but contains a modern power source to give the best of both worlds.

The new model, called EV3, has the traditional upside-down bathtub appearance as most traditional 3 wheelers, but contains an electric engine under the hood which gives it a modern twist to the classic style. Although the electric power doesn’t compare to Tesla and other electric car companies, the electric engine allows classic car owners to have a choice of engine types if they wish to be environmentally friendly.

Built on an ash wood frame covered in aluminum panels EV3 is able to keep classic frame style, as opposed to cars built out of solid metal. The hood and side pods are made from carbon fiber which gives the EV3 a bit of a modern look to suit the engine. Furthermore, the interior and dashboard of the car were left very basic with only a gear switch, speedometer, range indicator, and five lower buttons for various car functions.

A liquid-cooled 46-kW engine powers the EV3’s rear wheel and can range up to 241 km (150 mi) in just one trip and has enough horse power to reach up to 145 km/h with a 0-100 km/h time of nine seconds. Though this isn’t an abundance of power compared to newer vehicles, it is more than enough for a car with only three wheels and no windshield.

Due to the wood frame and minimal parts, the whole car weighs in at less than 1102 lbs. (500 kg) which allows the electric engine to produce more speed to the wheel. This lightweight design enables the car to carry a small 20 kWh liquid cooled battery to power the engine to maximum capability, opposed to the 75 kWh a full-size Tesla’s require.

In the transportation industry, complex limited vehicles models such as the EV3, require unique design and fabrication expertise. Eclipse Automation’s custom design and fabrication capabilities can provide you with quality, cost-efficient products regardless of project scope.

Source: Wired