Vacuum-like Device Purifies Large Amounts of Air

air-purifierCurrently, immense amount of smog is produced globally through vehicles and factories, polluting our air more each passing year. Due to this air pollution, 92 percent of the global population is living in unsafe air conditions and an estimated three million premature deaths resulted in 2012 due to unclean air alone.

These massive health concerns are a result from fine and ultra-fine particles found in the air, which can be extremely harmful to the human body over time. Though initiatives have been implemented by companies in the past to eliminate these particles, additional projects are needed before any major global impact can be seen. In order to add to these clean air initiatives, Envinity Group has created a new air purifier which works as a large vacuum cleaner to purify air in local communities.

Enivinity’s system works by sitting on rooftops in populated areas and continually pulling in air throughout the day. The device is capable of drawing in up to 80,000 cubic meters of air per hour, which is the equivalent of 32 Olympic size swimming pools. The intake force within the system extends as far as 300 m (984 ft) around it and 7 km (4.3 miles) directly upwards, impacting a significantly large area for the size of the device.

When air enters the device, a series of sub-processes go to work filtering out all the fine particles and aproxiamately 95 percent of the ultra-fine particles. After this process has been completed, the air is blown out the other end of the device, clean and safe for the community to breathe.

As pollution levels rise across the plant, newer environmental initiatives are needed to keep our earth as clean as possible. Eclipse Automation focuses on being an environmentally responsible company, providing initiatives that include eco-friendly bikes and electricity efficiency, ensuring we do our part to reduce emissions. Eclipse’s ability to customize each project enables us to extend environmental efforts to our clients, providing solutions that are compliant with their own unique initiatives.

Source: NewAtlas