Lithium Battery Offers Flexible Wearable Energy

SolarAn international team of researchers led by Professor John Rogers from the University of Illinois have recently developed a stretchy, adhesive, power storage device which can be used for a variety of applications. This new battery is able to stick to an individual’s skin like a band aid, allowing them to power electronics on the move or monitor medical information over periods of time.

Current electric power generation and storage devices are bulky and firm, making it difficult to incorporate them into small products or fasten them to an individual’s body. However, having a flexible battery solution allows users to discretely carry an extra power source that doesn’t get in the way of daily activities.

The device consists of multiple tiny lithium batteries, each connected with a spring wire to generate the same amount of power as a large battery. These batteries and wires are then inserted into a soft rubbery material which is then coated by a more rigid plastic. Since the wires are longer than the distance between the batteries, the material is able to stretch up to 30% past its resting state with the device still working seamlessly. Furthermore, due to the electronics being double coated in rubber, this device is able to work in water, allowing it to be used for aquatic devices or in the rain.

As a possible application, the team built a sensory device, incorporating solar cells on top of batteries for power regeneration. By attaching bio sensors and chips alongside the batteries, researchers are able to gather an individual wearer’s ongoing biosensor data. This is just one of the many medical applications the research team says the device has the potential to be used for, and believe the device could even be integrated into clothing to become even more practical.

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Source: TechXplore