Medical Device Tests Vision From Home

EyeQueAs an increasing amount of digital products are introduced into the marketplace, consumers are spending more time staring at screens than ever. This causes an individual’s eyes to be under continuous strain and can lead to vision problems over time if not properly monitored. To help detect potential problems without frequent trips to an optometrist, EyeQue created the Personal Vision Tracker, portable vision test enabling individuals to monitor their vision from home using a smartphone.

The EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker consists of a miniature microscope that attaches to the user’s smartphone screen using an adjustable strap. Through the device’s app, the user is able to look into the microscope and complete a brief test to monitor the accuracy of their vision. This test consists of two different color bars the user must align with one another using the touchscreen buttons.

When compared to the industry standard eye test process, the EyeQue’s results are very similar in detecting issues such as astigmatism and nearsightedness. Furthermore, once a test is conducted the EyeQue provides specific EyeGlass Numbers to the user via the corresponding app, allowing them to order their prescription online.

With digital devices infiltrating the market more, many industries such as Consumer, Life Sciences, and Electronics, are overlapping. At Eclipse Automation, our diverse industry experience and in-depth production knowledge provides you innovative and cost-effective solutions to achieve sustainable, long-term benefits, regardless of the enterprise.

Source: NewAtlas